Previous Headmistresses & Principals

They inspire us to aspire…

Mother Veronica of the Passion
Founders of the Apostolic Carmel
1823- 1906
Mother Eanswide A.C.
Mother Eugenie A.C.
Sr. Veronique A.C.
Sr. Josefine A.C.
Sr. Antony (Sr. Therese Marie) A.C. 1963 - 1967
Sr. Rose A.C.
1968 - 1972
Sr. gisella A.C.
10.06.1971 - 1972
Sr. Mirabelle Rego A.C.
1972 - 1973
Sr. Renee A.C.
1973 - 1979
Sr.Sheila Pual A.C.
02.06.1979 - 04.07.1984
Sr. Rosy Joseph A.C.
05.07.1984 - 30.05.1996
Sr. Cicily Skaria A.C.
01.06.1996 - 05.05.1997
Sr. Rosilina A.C.
06.05.1997 - 01.06.1998
Sr. Sunila A.C.
07.06.1998 - 31.05.2002
Sr. M.Jovita A.C.
01.08.2002 - 31.03.2011
Sr. Nidhisha A.C.
01.04.2011 ...
Sr. M Rosarita A.C.

Among the pioneers,

We recall with prayerful gratitude the dedicated services of our headmistresses who have striven to maintain the high standard of efficiency. Under the dynamic leadership of Mothers – Gertrude A C, Eanswide A C, Canice A C and Joan A C during the years 1933 – 1952 the school grew rapidly.
Mother Eugenie A C succeeded as headmistress. She was a person of high integrity who never compromised on academic standards. She has endeared herself to both faculty and students who still remember her keen interest in the progress of the school. She served as headmistress for 12 years.
Sister Veronica A C in her capacity both as headmistress and assistant maintained the high standard of the school. Sister Josefina A C in the short span of 1 year as headmistress achieved much for the school.
Sister Antony A C’s (Sr.Therese Marie 1963 -1967) foresight in the management of the school took it to greater heights.
Sr.Rose A C replaced her in 1968 and in her quiet and unassuming way shouldered her responsibilities of the school till 1971.
Sr.Gisella A C was the headmistress for a year till 30-06-1972. In 1972 the school was affiliated to the Council for the Indian School Certificate Examination, NewDelhi. An efficient, gentle and warm Sr. Mirabel A C shouldered the responsibilities as the head teacher from 1972 – 1973. Sr. Renee A C`took charge from 05/06/1973 – 01/06/1979.
There was great improvement in academics and scholastic activities with Sr. Renee at the helm. Sr. Sheila Paul A C held the reins of the school from 02/06/1979 – 04/07/1984. With meticulous care and planning she gave the school a firm footing. From 1984 onwards students have been appearing for the SSLC Examination.
Sr.Rosy Joseph A C was the headmistress from 05/07/1984 to 31/05/1996. There was an all round improvement in both academics and extra-curricular activities in the school under her able leadership. Sr.Cicily Skaria A C (01/06/1996 to 05/05/1997) and Sr.Roslina A C (01/05/1997 to 01/06/1998) took charge of the school for a year each and maintained its high standard. Sr.Sunila A C was in charge of the school from 07/06/1998 to 31/05/2002. Truly democratic in her ways, yet approachable and gentle, she succeeded in getting sanction for the Higher Secondary Course for the academic year 2000 – 2001 and faced the challenges that entailed the commencement of the new course with courage and hope. After Sr.Jovita A C took charge as Principal on 01/08/2002, the changes that have taken place are commendable. She has touched the lives of thousands of students and teachers alike. Providing amenities and equipping the school with modern facilities are changes par excellence.
After her tenure on 31/03/2011, Sr.Rosarita A C assumed the post on 01/04/2011 as headmistress and Sr.Nidhisha A C as principal and they continue as heads of the institution. Under the stewardship of the vibrant and dynamic heads the school has been scaling unbelievable heights.
The campus has been given a facelift, the landscaping a thorough change, St.Joseph’s A.I.G.H.S.S. is truly a paradise for the students.
Their infectious enthusiasm, support and encouragement are a strong sense of motivation to the student to excel academically and in extra curricular activities.
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